Harry’s Final Year Blog: Final year project library marathon

It certainly felt like this the other day!

Sorry about not posting for a while- I have been working HARD on my final year project. I finally got to find out what the 24hr learning commons is like… for 24hrs. I spent 30hrs last week non-stop (9am-3pm following day) at the library/learning commons blasting out 35 pages of science media project! Shockingly, it was still impossible to get a computer in the learning commons at midnight!! The key to making it through the night was rationing food to avoid a sugar crash to maintain energy levels, and taking a 30minute nap at my desk in the morning. However at least I got the project done in enough time to triple check the piece before I submitted it- arguably a first for any coursework during my time in Manchester!

The work didn’t stop there though- the day following the project deadline I had to finish my group work coursework for the Manchester Leadership Programme, the week after I had an 800 word discussion board post for the same course, and due in this week is a peer review of the members of my group. After that finally I can say I have submitted my last piece of academic coursework ever (I don’t plan to continue studying)!

Platt fields Park on a sunny day”

On a different note, in stark contrast to my last post it has recently been crazily hot in Manchester! We spent Monday playing football in Platt Fields Park, ate at Vodka Revs (half price food on a Monday!) and had a few beers in the park. Desperate not to be a milk bottle anymore  I went shirtless for the day, but I’m paying the price now with my red raw shoulders!

Tip of the week

A good way to transfer work seamlessly between home and uni is to use Google chrome and save bookmarks. If you log into your chrome account on a university computer you’ll have all the bookmarks you tabbed at home, so won’t have to search for them again! WARNING: the bookmarks bar on chrome can aid procrastination- having the YouTube button permanently hovering above my eyes drives me to distraction! If you want to transfer documents from uni to home, you have a “my documents” area on the Portal homepage where all the documents you saved on a uni PC are downloadable, and to transfer from home to uni just upload  the file onto the Portal my documents area!


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