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Well hello there…


Semester one of my third year has finally come to a bitter-sweet end! It’s been the most jam-packed, exciting and stressful semester yet. If I were to give you a quick summary of the past few months it would go something like: deadline, deadline, birthday party, deadline, deadline, staff party, deadline, Christmas ball, deadline, fake Christmas, deadline, mulled wine, deadline, deadline and deadline. However, at last it’s the Christmas holidays – the perfect time to relax, eat mountains of food and pretend that I don’t have three exams in just one month (I think I’ve earned it). Luckily, despite the pretty massive workload, I’m still really enjoying my course units and I’m very excited about my final year masters project. I’ve finally handed in my first MSci research project proposal, and spent a whopping 13 hours straight in the library finishing my bioinformatics lab report last week after my laptop decided to stop working, just two days before the deadline. I’m very relieved it’s all handed in now.

In between the deadlines, there’s been plenty of chances to get into the festive spirit. The Christmas Markets have been amazing as ever, it’s hard not to eat absolutely everything you see. The city centre looks incredible at this time of year, especially Albert Square! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the markets a not to be missed event on every Manchester student’s calendar! I also went to my first FLS ball this month; I have no idea why I’ve never been to one before! It was a great chance to get dressed up for a change. The ball was 007 themed, with casino tables and martinis galore. It was quite bizarre seeing everyone dressed in their finest tuxedos and classy gowns and a lovely way to celebrate the end of term with my course friends.

lucy ball

Trying to be classy bond girls

I’ve also been working a lot since my last post. As well as my part-time job, I also work as a Senior Ambassador for the Faculty of Life Sciences. I was promoted a few months ago after working as a junior ambassador in my second year, touring all the lovely applicants around the faculty on interview days. We’re the people who wear the bright red hoodies and convince you that Manchester is the best university there is (which is true). The new job comes with a lot more responsibility, but I work with such a wonderful team of juniors, seniors and staff from the admissions team that it really doesn’t seem like work at all! Earlier in December the seniors arranged a big Christmas party for all the ambassadors to celebrate a successful semester of UCAS interview days. It went even better than we had anticipated and pretty much everyone came decked out in festive gear, singing Mariah Carey and The Pogues until the wee hours of the morning.

Ambassador Christmas

The Ambassador Christmas party


The wonderful ambassador family

More festive fun came with our annual house (fake) Christmas. A day filled with cooking, wine mulling, singing, eating and secret Santa exchanging. Last year, my housemate and I cooked a full roast for 10 people, so only cooking for 6 this year was actually quite relaxing in comparison. After the meal in first year we went on a night out, last year we had a house party and this year….we played Monopoly. Yes, I think we’re officially getting old! A couple of my old housemates couldn’t make it this year as they’re off doing their placements, so to make sure they weren’t forgotten about, I photoshopped their faces and put them on top of our Christmas tree so they could be with us in spirit (creepy, I know – but I couldn’t let them miss out!). Even my goldfish, Rhubarb has gone all Christmassy with a tinsel wreath around his bowl.

So now I’m gearing myself up to go back to Blackpool and celebrate actual Christmas at home with my family, then I’m spending the New Year in Edinburgh with my boyfriend. I can’t wait to see everyone, eat myself into a food coma and fall asleep under the tree. Whatever you’re doing this holidays, have a good one!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Until next time,


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