Alice Copperwheat’s Second Year Blog: Studying, socialising and spiders!

You’ve found it! This is the blog of Alice Copperwheat a second year zoologist with a lot to say and not much time! I have been living and studying in the wonderful Manchester for just over a year now and it is safe to say I’ve forgotten what sun is… only joking… My aims of this blog are to tell you a bit more about my course and what I’ve done on it, my role as a Faculty of Life Sciences Ambassador, my hunt for a placement, useful information about Manchester itself and of course, my social life.

But for now, a bit of background information. I joined the university in September 2011 enrolled on Biology with Industrial Experience. I was originally applying for Zoology but a night before the deadline saw me swap this to Biology, much to the despair of my head of year, I was even asked in my interview why my personal statement read like a zoologists. Pretty early on in the course I realized that zoology was always what I wanted to study, but I remained on Biology until the end of the year. If you are worried about what areas of science you are interested in, Biology is always a good base because you get a choice of lots of modules and can experience a little bit of everything until you decide what your most interested in.

Whilst in my first year I had some incredible experiences, most notably my field course to South Africa. Here I studied animal behaviour in spiders and got to experience nature up close. I won’t say too much now because I intend to dedicate a whole blog post to it, so keep looking out for that! Another amazing experience was Welcome Week (or freshers week as everyone but the university calls it). I lived in Owens Park Tower, which wasn’t as bad as I had been dreading! The catered food was edible and the full English breakfast everyday (especially on a hangover) was amazing. During freshers it was crazy how many people I met and that was one of the best bits. On my floor there were 12 boys and 12 girls, and there were 2 floors to a ‘flat’. That is 48 people to get to know and love! Add on to that people you meet from your course, societies and those random people you can never remember how you met. My flat mates and me enjoyed it so much that we reenacted it this year and pretended we were first years again!

Back to the course…any life science course is brilliant because first year is so vague and thus allows you to really find your niche. I thoroughly enjoyed the varied lectures that kept you on your toes and interested. Now I am in second year I have less choice, but the compulsory lectures are very relevant to my degree. The choice of optional modules allows you to experience something a bit different; I am thoroughly enjoying Human Anatomy and Histology because we get to visit the dissecting rooms. Also, as a Zoologist, a field course is compulsory and so I have got the amazing opportunity to visit Costa Rica at the end of second year.

Well that’s all but keep checking back for new posts so you can hear more about my experiences.

Over and out


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