Eleanor’s Final Year Blog: My First Experiment

Hi guys,

This week is British Science week, and you might have seen the hashtag #my1stexperiment going around. It’s a week focused on celebrating science and getting young children to explore it. To get in the spirit, I thought I’d tell you how I got into science in the first place.

I’m going to be honest I can’t really remember when I first became interested Biology, as a child I was always into nature and spent my weekends in the woods with my sister catching frogs and bugs. I had loads of pets, rabbits, guinea pigs, stick insects and I was a complete and utter know-it-all, I wanted to know as much as I could about the world around me. As for my first experiment, I have a feeling it had something to do with growing cress on a cotton wool pad in year 3.

As I got older I got even more into science, careers wise I thought about choosing medicine or Veterinary school, but having two doctors for parents put me off medicine, and I fainted when I saw a Great Dane get neutered on my week of work experience at the vets. In the end I chose biology because I was good at it, I liked it and because I never got over the neutering incident.

It turns out that Biology is a know-it-all’s subject, I have a memory like a sponge and I could reel off facts about living things for hours even though I can’t remember what I did on Tuesday night (but I think that can be excused as it was St. Paddy’s day). I don’t think you really know what biology is until you actually go to uni, but I guess that is the case with any degree. School gives you the basics, explaining photosynthesis and basic anatomy. Uni shows you that biology is the study of everything from animals, plant, bugs, to bacteria, proteins and genes you name it I’ve studied it. It is a subject that broadens your mind and makes you think in a completely different way, and if you are coming here to study it you are very lucky, you’ve got a brilliant three years ahead of you.

And now I’m here in my final year, last week I had the last lecture of my undergraduate degree, I’m finishing up my project, and I had my last shift as a student ambassador. I was always told uni would fly by, but I don’t think I quite believed it until now. As for my first experiment, the cress experiment obviously had an impact on me because I’ve specialised in Plant Science and Microbiology. I even have plants in my room at uni.


I named him Carl, and I am very surprised he is not dead yet

Apart from all that nostalgia, I’m still very busy. On Tuesday it was St.Patricks day ( I don’t think I need to say what occurred on that night); Wednesday was St.Patricks recovery day…. And I spent the rest of the week packing for a trip back home to Wales. On the work front, I’m about to break up for Easter, and I still have a lot of work to do, mainly project work and forcing myself to start the hell that is revision (it doesn’t get any easier).


Have to have a Guiness on St. Patricks day!


Things got blurry after this

Hope you have a good Easter! Until next time,



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