The First of a New Year.

Hello and welcome to this year’s Faculty of Life Sciences (FLS) blog!

It’s an exciting time of the year, Christmas is approaching, new students are well into their first semester and new applicants are applying for the next academic year. This blog is a place to showcase all the wonderful aspects of student life in Manchester and will hopefully convince you that Manchester is the place for you! Over the coming year you will hear from 4 students who are studying here in the FLS. You will read all about their challenges, experiences, memories and much more – hopefully giving you a better idea of what it means to be a student here at The University of Manchester. The blog will be updated on Friday with a fresh post so please subscribe to keep up to date with ManchesterLifeScientists!

My name is Kory and I am the coordinator for the ManchesterLifeScientists blog. From time to time you may hear from me and so I thought it would be good to introduce myself!

First things first: I love Manchester. I don’t just like Manchester, I absolutely love it – it is my home.  I graduated from the FLS in June 2014 with a degree in Biology with Science and Society BSc. This will be my fourth year in Manchester and I have never wanted to move on!  Moving from a small village in Lincolnshire (which now seems like the middle of nowhere) to study here was at first daunting. Manchester is a big place with a completely different culture and society to what I had experienced in the past. It took me a while to settle in, to know where things were and to make new friends – but as soon as I did, there was no turning back! No matter your need, your interests and passions, Manchester has something for you! This may sound like an advert – empty words and promises – but I assure you that my love for Manchester is not just words to sell you the idea of studying here: it is a genuine passion for the City.

Since my degree I have been working with the FLS on their social media channels which is why I am writing this post. My work involves producing content for both current and potential students and to help answer questions any applicants may have. It’s a job I take seriously because I know how hard it can be to decide on a University and then to fit in when you first start as a student.

 Outside of work, I take a keen interest in sport, film and gaming. On Wednesday I went to a local fireworks display! Although the night was extremely cold and wet, my spirits were not dismayed. My house is conveniently placed overlooking a local park where the display was taking place and so I was in the perfect place to host the evening. I invited some friends round, ate some nice warm food and then ventured into the park to see a magnificent light display! The pictures I have attached should give you an idea of the atmosphere – just imagine it being about 10 times as cold as you are right now! After the display we went back to the house to have some really nice hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows – it was heavenly!

I hope you have enjoyed this tiny window into my life and over the year enjoy reading all about the students here in the FLS. Next week’s post will be written by Dan so make sure to come back on Friday the 14th to read all about that!

Kory x

  Firework 3Firework 1Firework 2

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