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Its finally over!!!! That’s it, January exams are done! I’m not sure if the feeling is ecstasy, or just sheer relief that the ordeal has been and gone for another few months… It’s a Friday night, there need be no revision tomorrow, and waiting for me are a steak sandwich from Fallow Cafe, followed by some refreshing beverages from the pub (please note the loose use of the term “some”).

Obviously the great feeling of new found freedom does not come without a preceding month of stress and hard work. Last time I was on here, the end of term and Christmas were looming and there was promise of much cheer and many parties to sweeten the knowledge that revision would soon begin. However, all the Xmas cheer in the world would not have made these exams any easier. It’s now apparent why wise old wizards have said, since the dawn of time, that second year is a real kick up the backside.. You don’t get to be a university student without understanding how to do well in exams, and I am no different, but these exams have definitely been the hardest set I’ve ever sat. that said; do not, anybody, be put off by me saying that because it is doable! I don’t think my revision was as effective over these holidays as it has been in the past, largely because being a nineteen year old in London, it is easy to get lead astray.. I feel a lot of stress could have been saved by starting work a little earlier in the holidays, but I suppose it’s tradition that students always leave it slightly too late. To be fair, it’s probably better than I’m making out, there was just about enough time to entrain my poor old neural pathways and get the good stuff into my head. 4 exams this season, all of which I feel I was lucky enough to do well in despite being ever so slightly under prepared. All that is, except Membrane Excitability. There are very few things in this world that I spend my time hating; being served a Corona without lime is one, crocs are another, and Membrane Excitability is the third. The last thing I can remember being that gruelling was being made to drink some home-made garlic and spring onion flavoured gin at my mate’s 20th. Seriously, it wasn’t fun.

I know what the issue was, I simply didn’t leave myself enough time to revise everything in as much depth as I would have liked. See normally; I get all the key points from a course or subject down on paper and read it out load to myself until I can do it without looking. It might have been a good idea to sacrifice a few marks in the other tests to try and bring this one up.. But it’s shoulda, woulda, coulda now because they’re done. May results day be kind!

On a slightly less gloomy note, the rest of the holidays, that weren’t spent working, were most excellent. On of my very best mates back home goes to Uni at Kings in London, and so has a free flat in Shoreditch over the holidays, which makes for a much easier night out in town, as we are all spared the horrific night bus journey home at four in the morning. Although it should be noted that not having to go all the way home after a night out doesn’t make getting up any easier..

Christmas was Christmas really… The last 10 years or so of people to graduate from my secondary school/ sixth form can be observed  gathering in the local Wetherspoons (yes, the one I can’t stand) on Xmas eve and at midnight there are a lot of emotional “happy Christmases” and hollow “we must get together soons”, before everyone shoots off to wait for Santa. The next to days, I’m sure, are almost the same up and down the country: relatives come over, all the presents have far too much sellotape on, everybody has too much to eat and drink and it’s all very jolly until the dishwasher needs emptying. Then there’s a lull for a few days where everyone starts to crack down revising and getting into a routine that is rudely shattered by the inevitable disaster that is new years eve. My friends and I have learnt the hard way that in order to have a good new years, it is absolutely essential to not make any plans whatsoever, because they won’t work. If you have ever managed to coordinate a new years eve exactly as you planned it, please inform the daily mail immediately.

Now though, I’m off for a celebratory end of exams meal out with my partner in crime, Henry. But with the wake up call of exams having been received and understood, I promise to make good use of the free next week I have, by making some good headway with my dissertation research. No, honestly, I actually will!

Until the next time, stay classy people!

With the love of Dan x

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