MRes Sciences

Ruth Ingram, MRes Sciences

Ruth Ingram, MRes Sciences

During my Undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester I had many great experiences with the city, the lecturers and the students. After doing an Industrial Placement year working for a pharmaceutical company, I knew that I wanted a career in scientific research. I was keen to build on my research experience with a Master’s degree, and the MRes offered great opportunities for neuroscience research. This MRes was highly recommended to me by my tutor, and I was able to secure MRC funding for tuition fees and a living stipend.
The highlight of the MRes degree so far has been the opportunity to conduct independent research. A project plan was given to me at the start of my rotation, but I have built on this with my own ideas, and the resulting experiments have been of my own design. It’s great to get experience of independent research within the relative safety of a 1 year MRes degree, before embarking on a PhD.
It is my ambition to have a career as an academic, conducting research into neuropsychology and hopefully lecturing too. The MRes degree is an important step towards securing a PhD, which will be required for me to succeed in this ambition. Master’s degrees, especially MRes degrees, are less about learning theories and more about learning techniques. Choose a Master’s degree that gives you the opportunity to try as many different research techniques as possible – you never know which ones may be useful in your future career!

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