Kai’s second year blog; Exams over? Treat yo self.

Like most undergrads, my thoughts the last couple of months have been greatly preoccupied with exams… and this exam season certainly brought with it a singular set of challenges. But rather than detail the course of my own tragicomic unravelling during this tumultuous time of year, I will spare the both of us and will briefly summarise the development by way of this GIF polyptych instead:

Before Christmas break
Day before first exam
Day after last exam
Right about now

At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself until results day cometh.

Now that semester one is finished, semester two is already roaring ahead, but luckily I had time for a bit of decompression. I was lucky enough to have some old friends come over and visit from Lancaster and Norway, respectively, and of course I had to show them around all my favourite spots around Manchester. One being Moose Café, where we started off with breakfast in the morning. We all went for American-style caramel syrup pancakes, which I thought it’d be fun to try. That being said, the serving was so generous I was left huffing and wheezing for the next couple of hours because I was so full. But they were undeniably delicious and you definitely get your money’s worth, so two thumbs up from me!

treat-yo-selfAnd after an overly long exam season our motto for the rest of the weekend was pretty much “treat yo self”, which involved key points such as the Trafford Centre, Nando’s, TGI Friday’s, watching Miss Marple in my friends’ hotel room (is it meant to be hilarious?), seeing Ex_Machina at the cinema (it will haunt my nightmares and it was great), Northern Quarter and raspberry cheesecake cocktail (don’t ask).

And after that, I have to admit I’m feeling pretty recharged and excited about what’s in store for the new semester.

We’ve now started doing our research skills module (RSM), which entails 18 hours of lab work a week for the next month. While that did sound daunting, it turned out to be a quite different kind of experience from what we’ve done in labs before. You get more freedom to organise your time and choose experimental procedures, and settling in to your own routine with your lab partner is a lot more chill than trying to rush through a hectic cookbook recipe-kind of experiment. (My coffee consumption has also stabilised a bit, though I won’t speculate as to whether it’s a healthy threshold…)

I’m also pretty excited about the new course units (partially because there are less of them this semester, yay!), which as you go along offer up areas that are more specific and tailored to your degree, while still having some leeway to pick your own – a bit of chemistry and immunology being my preferred cocktail this year. But don’t quote me on that until next exam season.

‘Till next time!

Yours until further notice,


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