Harry’s Final Year Blog: Antwerp Mansion & Results

I finally got around to discovering the mysterious Antwerp mansion. I was desperate to get tickets after discovering they were sold out online and my housemates friends were up, so went to Gaffs (you’ll learn this is no ordinary cornershop- some kind of social hub undertaking many student-friendly dodgy dealings!) and they’d also sold out, so I had to meet someone outside a hall in Owen’s Park only an hour before leaving pre-drinks to finally secure a ticket! It was really good though, a very unique underground venue to say the least.

On the academic side of things, I had my results back from last semester’s modules and they were actually genuinely okay for once, 2:1s and a 2:2 which is acceptable. However when considering my poor run of form last year it’s just not good enough, I don’t want a 2:2!! My work ethic towards coursework wasn’t great last semester though to be honest, so I’m surprised I did that well at all, particularly in my dissertation.

Next week, I have the most important oral presentation of my life (so far at least) to look forward to, one that’s part of my final year project. I’ll have to present my dissertation to a lecture theatre full of academic who will then interrogate me afterwards, nerves ahoy! My advice on presentations is to go for it like you love the attention, and make sure you know the topic and layout of your slides off by heart. That way you can use simple sentences on the slide solely as prompts, and can speak confidently.

Tip of the Week

Buying a bus pass should be one of the first things on your list to do when you arrive at uni, if not in advance. Unless you live on North campus (free 147 bus) or on the University campus, you’ll probably use £4 worth of bus every day. Considering the bus pass is £200 it’s definitely worth it, not considering the ease of not getting change from the cash point for a ticket every day! Also, the Oxford road-Wilmslow road route in Manchester is the busiest bus route in Europe, so you won’t be waiting long for a ride if at all!

How many buses can you count in this shot of Oxford road? I got at least 18!!

How many buses can you count in this shot of Oxford road? I got at least 18!!


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