The End of Movember.

December 1st marks the end of the month-long Movember Campaign. Movember looks to raise awareness of different types of male cancers. Here in the FLS we have had a number of a staff and students who have taken part. Here I interviewed two academics about their efforts:

Dr. Raymond O’keefe – Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Life Sciences.Photo for Blog

What role do you play in the FLS? 

I am a Senior Lecturer here in the Faculty. I have a particular research interest in ‘The molecular mechanisms of pre-messenger RNA splicing’ and direct the Genetics programme.

Why are you taking part in Movember – what’s your inspiration?

A member of the family has recently been diagnosed with the early stages of prostate cancer and has been undergoing treatment. The treatment has been quite uncomfortable for him so it would be great if new treatments could be found that could possibly make life better for those being treated.

Any moustache related advice. 

Be prepared for some itchiness and ridicule from family/friends!

Dr Tristan Pocock – Lecturer in the Faculty of Life for blog 2

What role do you play in the FLS? 

I’m a Teaching-focused lecturer in FLS and involved also in teaching medics, nurses and pharmacists

Why are you taking part in Movember – what’s your inspiration?

I have taken part in Movember for the last few years (from the days when the majority of the population had never heard of it and I always felt the need to explain to students what I was doing). I soon realised that I’m quite good at growing moustaches and have tried a few different styles! I was inspired to do something that was (originally) male only as I wasn’t able to do the ‘Race for Life’. Given the number of men affected by prostate cancer (1 in 8 in the UK), it is clearly worth raising awareness about the condition. Movember supports several charities focussed on improving men’s health.

Any moustache related advice. 

Don’t be self-conscious about your facial growth and don’t worry how long it takes to grow – by the end of the month you’ll have something to show for your efforts!

In connection with Movember, the FLS have also produced a new MinuteLecture video which discusses the role of hair growth and wound healing:

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