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Eleanor’s Final Year Blog: The Homestretch

Hi Guys,

This week was the week that the sun officially arrived in Manchester, its super hot outside, skies are blue, there is not a cloud in the sky… and everyone is inside doing their dissertation or lab report (Yay final year!) Despite the high-stress levels in the day the majority of people still find time to let down their hair in the evening where every bar in Fallowfield with outside seating is filled to the brim with students. If there are two things that students react well to, it’s sunlight and alcohol. Personally, I also have the major advantage of living right by Platt fields, which means that when I eventually do surface from my project write-up I get to take my lunch breaks soaking up the sunshine in the park.


Breaks in the park = Heaven

Speaking of lab reports, 35 pages of portfolio later and I am on the home stretch. All the extra work that I put in at Easter has paid off as I’m set to finish a few days before the deadline. My housemates have all had similar projects that finish at the same time which means that this weekend is going to be… celebratory to say the least. I’m not going to lie; this Science communication project has taken a lot of hard work, but I’m really happy with the result. I would 100% recommend doing one if you aren’t too keen on working in a lab. I’ve learnt how to film and edit videos, use software that didn’t even know existed, and learnt how to communicate science to a whole load of different audiences. If that doesn’t persuade you to do one then I should probably mention that it is a also huge CV booster as you have to manage project yourself, set your own deadlines, and you pretty much get creative freedom over how you want to pursue each piece.

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Dan’s second year blog

Well hello there again you fine and lovely people!

I know it’s only been the usual amount of time between posts, but seeing as it was the Easter hols, it feels much longer (sad face). I hope everyone had a pleasant and productive break, with or without copious amounts of chocolate.. I personally did not go for the chocolate infested Easter this year, largely due to the lads back home neglecting to buy me Easter eggs in celebration of my return!

I’m afraid that this holiday has not been quite up to the usual standard of mayhem, and so the stories of great endeavour and recklessness are fairly thin on the ground unfortunately. Obviously a return to home, or B-town to which it is affectionately referred by those who never actually left it, requires  the showing of ones face at all the usual watering holes. However, since I was last home, a couple of my other mates have adopted one of the bar tenders at a small pub behind the railway station and earned us all lock-in privileges which is an added bonus I guess. Moreover though, with the exceptions of a couple of twentieth and a twenty first birthdays , the details of which we shan’t go into, there have not been too many alcohol based frivolities. Continue reading

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Kai’s second year blog: Veiled peasant girls

Hello dear reader!

The Easter holidays are now upon us and I hope this blog entry finds you feeling excellent, whether you are spending your days off in Manchester, at home or in some other exotic locale. As for me, I jumped on a plane back to Norway.

Now, my combined experiences of living in Manchester and the south of Norway has left me no stranger to mercurial weather conditions. The conditions when I first got back could most aptly be described as “Frozen-esque”, in that things turned from lustrously sunny to winter wonderland in the space of 24 hours. But now we’re back to sunny again and the temperatures are in the double digits, which is a pretty good sign that summer’s approaching.

The first half of my Easter holidays have been spent just kicking back, which was sorely needed. As part and parcel of the season, easter egg decorating with some friends was on the agenda. Unfortunately I have never been the most artistically inclined and so my attempts at painting eggs could be categorised rather binarily as being either “pretty neat” or “entirely tragic”, with respect to one turning out like a dino egg and another more akin to… an animal dropping? I’ll leave you to guess which is which in the complete ensemble.

FAB-ergé eggs

FAB-ergé eggs

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