Dan’s Second Year Blog

Hello all! It has been many moons since we last spoke but I hope you all managed to stay safe and sane in the meantime!

It is beginning to get towards that time of year when I finally admit that the festive season is upon us. Although of course, if you believe the coffee shops, it has been Christmas ever since the Halloween decorations came down! Now though, it is thoroughly December, which finally allows me to admit I’m cold. So very cold. I wore skiing long johns and two jumpers on my last student ambassadorial tour in an attempt to keep warm, but now I have red ambassador jumper fluff all over my NYPD sweater, reducing me to being cold AND an looking like an idiot… Nevertheless, long johns or not, we must soldier on.

Since I last posted; I’m afraid work has taken a slight turn for the worst. The second phase Experimental Design assessment turned out to be even longer than the first, and while I was focusing on that, my lab report crept up and attacked me when my guard was down. Fortunately, I have been offered some rest bite in the form of my dissertation plan. My dissertation adviser wants a proper plan in by the time we go off for the Xmas holidays. In a way, this is good because I can start really getting my teeth into it over Christmas, but I feel like between being sat down working on that, and all the Xmas food, I’m going to be somewhat rounder come January…

But enough of me moaning about work, what good stuff have you lot been missing out on..? Well, since you last heard from me, a highly American phase has come and gone. All of the university’s American sports clubs pitched in to throw a stars and stripes, American college style social the other week. This quite literally took up the whole of Revs in Fallowfield! There were flags everywhere, foosball tables, pole dancers, and beer pong using those silly red plastic cups everyone drinks out of at parties in American films. Luckily my Revs boxers and discount card stopped he night from getting too expensive, but a load of the money went to CRUKsoc (Cancer Research UK society) so it was drunkenness for a good cause. This is a good form of drunkenness, and comes with my highest recommendations.

In addition, I also have the benefit of living with one of the Manchester Metros Ice Hockey team committee and so was shanghaied into a trip to Widnes for the winter varsity. I’m gutted to have to say that Manchester, only very narrowly, lost 3:2 to the Liverpool John Moores Leopards, in a match that even the university’s associate Dean attended! It did turn out to be a pretty good night though, blistering hot chips and a few bevvys at the rink, followed by excessive beer consumption and pool playing at Bierkeller afterwards. The down side is that it has inspired an ice skating trip amongst the flatmates. I don’t think I like the way that ice skating simultaneously bruises all of my elbows, and makes me look like a complete joke. Maybe I’ll be ill that day…

On a slightly more English note, I also recently managed to find myself on a night out with the King’s College London “soccer” team. A very good friend of mine studying medicine at King’s came up to stay as part of their tour, which apparently involves absolutely no football… Still, they were kind enough to tell the people at Factory that I was one of them, saving me from a monstrosity of a Friday night queue! Also managed to nab a free pack of crackers from the 17th floor of Owens Park tower that night, but wasn’t entirely sure why I needed them the next morning. AAAND, speaking of football, my flatmate and I managed to clinch a couple of cheeky tickets to see the galacticos.. The prospect of seeing both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi at Old Trafford as Portugal and world cup runners up Argentina met was truly mouth-watering. Much to our dismay though, they were both subbed off at half time. But seeing as the winning goal didn’t come until added time, perhaps the two of them aren’t all they’re cracked up to be…

Also, I managed to get Warehouse Project tickets for last weekend, to see Dusky. WHP this year is in Piccadilly, rather than Trafford, so it’s much less of an effort, and is a banging night out for anyone who hasn’t been. Just be prepared to write off most of the next day; I didn’t get home till about half seven – eight the next morning but I’m sure some people go harder than that. Once I’d recovered from that, we only had a week of term left, although I’m not very happy about that… Soon as the xmas hols are over; I’m half way through Uni! 5 minutes ago I was just a fresher, I’ve got to stop growing up soon!

With the Neurosoc Christmas dinner at 256 having been and gone, and with a multitude of secret Santas in play, it looks like time to sign off for the year. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading about our exploits on the Manchester Life Sciences blogs, as usual, if you have any q’s, feel free to get in touch. If not, have a very merry xmas lads and lasses, and try to remember at least some of new years…

Oh and last of all, best of luck to my old flatmate Grace who will be leaving us for next semester, to study in the U.S. Good luck hun!

Peace out kids,

Dan xx

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